2 Miscarriages , Open cervix to being a mother .

I got married in 2017 and as usual taught I would get pregnant sharp sharp but well it didn’t happen, a few months to our first anniversary I found it I was pregnant and we were happy, 6 months into the pregnancy the devil raised his head and the baby died, it looked as if the world had ended but with the help of God and hubby and my parents and siblings I was able to put myself together and we moved on.

shortly after I met Adesewa on Instagram, my spirit just said follow her and I did, joined her group (we were the first set), she started helping us with foods to eat, herbs and superfood to take , I did them religiously( when she tells you what to eat and use please use them with faith), shortly after, I got pregnant again, and everything was going fine until 16th week when it came down again then we knew something was wrong, so we realized it’s called cervical incompetence, started taking my herbs and superfood again, this time someone said use clomid, I did and my cervical mucus ran away ? .



I told Adesewa and she said start taking evening primrose, I started taking it and after a few months it stated returning little by little and boom I got pregnant again and we had cerclage done and to the glory God, I carried my testimony, delivered a bouncing baby boy.

It wasn’t an easy Journey but I’m glad my paths crossed Adesewa, she prays with us, encourages all of us in the group and tells us what to do. It’s not rocket science but if you follow her instructions prayerfully with faith, everything will work out fine.
Thank you Jesus.


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