Our beautiful Altar of God Arabella Oluwapelumi was one of our many blessings from God. Our story will not be complete without the support and recommendation of SMB and the wonderful women of Fertility Warrior. When we started trying for babies and carrying out series of tests. We were told I had bilateral tubal blockage while my husband had low sperm counts, we really didn’t have any hope than to start saving for IVF. We were really discourged but we trust God, we had a discussion with SBM and she recommended some herbs for us to use. We were diligent in taking them and following all instructions given. The Fertility Warrior group for both men and women was where we find solace in encouraging eachother and trusting God while doing everything humanly possible from our side. I can’t not forget the No Food Challenge, we were happy to detox and purge out things from our system.

We encourage each other in the group, there are days we fasted and prayed we continue to trust God. I was shocked to discovered I was 5weeks pregnant in July 2020, less then a year that we started trying. It was such a joyous and wonderful experience for us and our family about the birth of our precious daughter. Thank you SBM for what God is doing through you.

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