Baby Jane

l am the one God showed mercy.
I am a product of God’s love, mercy and grace. I got pregnant with Fibroids after 2yrs and it was a rollercoaster affair. Healing brook now Fertility Warrior is a place of refuge where God is and I know it.
I had multiple fibroids and after the lemon cleanse God blessed us with conception and it was a pregnancy journey that came with lots of sleepless nights, abdominal cramps and more. Coachieee as I fondly call Adeshewa is God-sent and I love her deeply. She was THERE for me in prayers, encouragement, care and all. I remember her always checking up on us as the pregnancy progressed. The fibroids played on my faith and put fears in my head. Though I had faith in my heart, I still had fear in my head. I had to undergo a C-section to birth my son and then the loser showed it’s ugly head but he came too late. Jesus had given us victory. Against all odds my Dr decided to do 2 in 1 surgery by removing the fibroids after the baby. The CS took longer because the fibroids held down my son but still God showed his mighty hand. I didn’t bleed out despite losing plenty blood and I healed up faster than expected even though my procedure was scary for my husband who was in the theater too. All along FW was with me in prayers and with faith. God gave us a sweet boy on the 21st of May and he is an evidence of God’s faithfulness. Please be encouraged and keep faith.
God is in this house, don’t dull it.

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