Diagnosed with PCOS, Fibroids .. to birth of my baby

This time last year I had given up hope that I would ever conceive, but little did I know that this seed of greatness was already planted in me?. Having been diagnosed of Pcos, fibroids, endometriosis the only option for me was ivf. I’ve been following Warrior Queen Adesewa since January 2020 and was taking all the smoothies and therapy as given but I wasn’t intentional, was rather emotional and expecting pity. 2021 I decided to be intentional about my health, abi if I cannot born child I should still be healthy na?, I saved up, got my herbs and decided for the first time to be a part of the NFC challenge,which proved to be the best decision of my life……Was confirmed pregnant April 21st and today, I come bearing my Evidence, Iyinoluwa????????. Thank you Coach for never giving up on me, only God can bless you for me!…

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